In hospital settings, it is of utmost importance that all clothing and textiles used are of high quality and in optimal hygienic conditions to ensure that hospitalized patients do not suffer from any contagion or infection.

Therefore, it is vital that all textiles you purchase for your hospital are made from materials perfectly suited to these special requirements necessary in healthcare facilities.

At Supratex we have a wide and varied catalog of textiles for hospitals, always ready to meet your needs and provide the necessary coverage. Within this catalog, you will find bibs available in various sizes and closure options, including tie-back and snap closure. These bibs are manufactured in different dimensions, allowing you to choose the most suitable ones based on the types of patients you have: 20x30cm, 35x50cm, 45x80cm, and finally, 50x100cm. All of them are made from 100% cotton or 100% polyester, depending on the chosen model.

Additionally, we offer mattress protectors to safeguard against incontinence issues, along with mattress covers available in two different sizes based on the mattress height: 15cm and 20cm.

Manufacturers of textile products for hospitals

At Supratex , as manufacturers of textile products for hospitals, is located in the province of Córdoba. We provide a wide range of clothing that your hospital will need to ensure your patients feel at home. In our catalog, you can find discounts of up to €60 on your purchases, depending on the quantity and product. This way, you can enjoy discounts ranging from 5% to 25% on all your textile purchases for hospitals, guaranteeing the best price on our website and the high quality necessary to satisfy your patients.

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          Babero Rizo-PVC
          Terry-PVC bib
          Babero Rizo-Rizo
          Curl Bib
          Babero Sandwich
          Sandwich Bib
          Bata Quirúrgica Desechable
          Disposable Surgical Gown
          Bata Quirúrgica Reutilizable
          Reusable Surgical Gown
          Buzo Desechable
          Disposable Jumpsuit
          Buzo Interlock PU
          Interlock PU coverall
          Buzo VProtect tipo 3&4
          Buzo VProtect tipo 3&4
          BUZO VPROTECT TIPO 5&6
          VPROTECT Type 5 & 6 Coverall