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Manufacturer of textile products for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc.

Hotels and residences are places where visitors come to relax and enjoy a peaceful stay. Therefore, it is necessary to make them feel at home, forgetting about any problems they might have for a few days.

One way to provide them with the quality they aspire to is by complementing the services offered by the hotel or residence with the best fabrics on the market.

A good fabric will transform and innovate the hotel's rooms, hallways, restaurant, or reception area, giving them a more sophisticated and suitable touch for what the customers are seeking. Additionally, it is essential for the fabrics to provide that extra comfort that guests greatly appreciate.

The choice of fabrics to use in each area of the establishment depends on the specific function they need to fulfill: cotton and silk textiles are highly recommended for bedding due to their breathable properties and the care and freshness they bring to the skin, while synthetic fabrics will be the best option for reception area sofas since they are more exposed and prone to frequent staining. It's crucial for all furniture to always be impeccable, so a good textile that facilitates quick cleaning will be the perfect choice.

Extensive catalog of hospitality textiles online

Most manufacturers and suppliers of hotel textiles in Córdoba are not well acquainted with the properties of each type of fabric, which poses a serious problem for the hotels or residences where they are used.

At Supratex, we are experts in textile equipment for collectivities. With over 25 years of experience as manufacturers and suppliers in the textile sector, something that our products confirm, we always strive for the best quality in each fabric and manufacture our designs with the highest efficiency and safety possible. We control the production process of each item, ensuring that they meet our minimum quality standards.

Therefore, the quality-to-price ratio of our textile products for hotels is unbeatable.

Contamos con una gran variedad de productos y diseños de textiles para hoteles y residencias.


A good restaurant or bar not only measures its quality through the ratings of its food or the service to its customers.


En Supratex tenemos un amplio y variado catálogo de textiles para hospitales puesto a su disposición.



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We control the entire production process, starting with the manufacture of fabrics in which we have a series of finishes that guarantee easy maintenance of the garment.

We have a wide variety of our own designs to offer you a personalized product, always adapting to your needs and the fabrics you want to use.

We also have our own tailoring workshops to ensure the highest possible quality in each and every one of the products we offer you.

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