The pillows for hotels are a crucial consideration when offering accommodations. It is common for guests to believe that they won't sleep as well as they do in their own bed. This misconception often arises from the lack of quality in hotel pillows, which can negatively affect their rest, leading to back or neck pain

Personal preferences and individual needs vary based on factors such as age and weight. Therefore, offering a variety of pillow options to guests is the best approach. Providing a brief "pillow catalog" with different models, sizes, and firmness levels can greatly enhance their experience at your hotel, ensuring their sleep remains undisturbed and preventing any discomfort upon departure.

Hotel Pillow Suppliers

Supratex is a company dedicated to the manufacturing and sale of textiles for hotels, collectives, and establishments in the hospitality and restaurant industry. With over 20 years of experience in the textile industry, we offer the best quality-price ratio in the market. We are proud suppliers of hotel pillows, and we guarantee their impeccable condition.

Choose from our various types of pillows for your hotel.

At Supratex we offer pillows of the highest quality in the textile industry for hotelsOur pillows feature SILICONTECH technology, consisting of a large number of hollow siliconized fiber flakes that ensure maximum breathability. These pillows also provide a memory effect, allowing long-term guests to enjoy a sleep experience comparable to their own beds. Additionally, we offer a wide range of pillow sizes for your hotel, ranging from 70 cm to 150 cm. amplia gama de tamaños de almohadas para tu hotel, que abarca desde los 70 cm hasta los 150 cm.

Almohada Fibra Siliconada
Silicone fiber pillows
Almohada Fibra Super Hueca Siliconada
Super Hollow Siliconized Fiber pillows
Almohada Fibra Super y Copos de Viscoelástica
Super Fiber Pillow and Viscoelastic Flakes
Almohada Viscoelástica
Viscoelastic Pillow
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